New technologies are revolutionizing entire sectors of business and the world economy. It's  implementation is no longer a matter of opportunity as it is simply necessary. Our strategies and solutions significantly contribute to building the present market advantage of companies and prepare the organizations for the challenges of the future. As MC2 Solutions, we focus on solutions that have already proven to be useful in business yet are clearly continuing to develop dynamically in the predictable future.

Sztuczna inteligencja
Big Data


The digital transformation of business processes or the entire enterprise is undoubtedly a complex process that requires a team with vast knowledge and experience. Professionals from MC2 Solutions have a number of successful digital transformations in their portfolio, also within exceptionally complex and complicated systems. The POC of our competence is made of a long list of polish and international companies for which we have worked and the Digital Excellence Award, that our team received in 2017 in the CIONET Poland contest for the digital transformation of the year.


Each sector has its own specifics, and each company has its own model of operation. Our team develops the best  (the most efficient) - dedicated IT solutions which are tailor-made for the company. We work in close cooperation with each Customer, responding to his needs and pointing to areas where we see the latent potential. Our goal is the optimization of business processes and measurable financial profit.